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"THERE'S A TRICK TO THE 'GRACEFUL EXIT'. It begins with the vision to recognise when a job, or a life stage is over - and the ability to let it go, whilst not denying its validity or past importance to our lives"

Ellen Goodman

It was four years ago this week that I left my career, after many enjoyable years. It marked an exciting moment, because I knew that this exit line was actually an entry into something new, which would take me up, instead of out!

Since then I have been looking in a very different direction, with my nose in the flowers and oils. I have a new motivation and challenge, to create a range of four artisan perfumes, each one inspired by an emotion, a memory and a season. I am delighted to share the scent-story of the second perfume, Annaliese.

This perfume was inspired by the memory of Annaliese, her love of Wales and its countryside, the sea breeze in Spring time, and the verdant floral scent after rain fall, together with freshly cut flowers and an elegant china teapot, with a fresh brew of Earl or Lady Grey tea within!

The perfume opens with a brief display of Bergamot, and follows with whispers of fresh white florals of Lily of the Valley, Champaca and Cucumber. It dries down to a deeper, and slightly enveloping scent of Ylang Ylang, wrapped up with Tonka Bean, to round it off!

To me, the synaesthesic scent-scape for this quietly complex perfume is one of clean whites and pale natural greens, lifted with light and space, in recognition of a fun and capable woman, with kindness, warmth, inner strength and understated style at her core.

SPECIAL PRICE13 Annaliese 25ml

I will be making a new batch of this perfume next week, as I now have only 13 bottles left in stock. I am delighted to offer these 13 bottles to you, the readers of ZB's e.notes, at £35 including UK postage, or £50 for two. This offer is not published on my website where the price remains at RRP £50. If you would like to secure one of these remaining 13 bottles, please drop me an email by return, or to, and it is yours! I will send you an invoice and post your perfume to you (UK only) with my best wishes.


The formulation for the Zoe Brown Hand Sanitising Cologne is with the safety assessor, and I expect approval to be given by mid August.

Having listened to my customers, I have created a 67% alcohol based product (anti-viral and anti-bacterial) blended with a fabulous plant based derivative, often used in high quality skin care products. It gives the clear liquid a smooth and moisturising glide over the hand, without the stickiness of drying gel. It is lightly scented with Fresh Grapefruit & ISO E Super for a discreet, and freshly scented hand cleanse!

The 50ml refillable spray mist plastic bottles have been ordered, and I will be offering a simple refill service, to help reduce single use plastics. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about this as a concept, so do please drop me a note, either by return or directly to me at thank you!


Blend Off - If we are not back in Lockdown, I shall be hosting two weekly 3 hour workshops, each one reserved for just two people at a time, to learn a few tricks of the perfume trade. These workshops will take place in a large and well ventilated space, suitable for social distancing, where the doors will be open to the fresh air and the garden, and we will work together around my very large perfume table at my home in Latimer. Come with your own ideas and inspiration and enjoy experimenting, and and leave with a 50ml bottle of your own scented alchemy! Suitable for anyone, friends, couples, mother's, father's daughters/sons - everyone is welcome!

These practical workshops will take place on Monday's and Friday's in September - December (other dates by arrangement) at a cost of £65 per person. £10 per person will be donated to William's Fund, a small family run charity dedicated to funding an influential research programme, to revolutionise and improve diagnosis of specific childhood cancers and treatments, and thereby saving more young lives.

If you would like to join the list to participate in Blend Off, and at the same time, support William's Fund, please drop me an email to secure your date at -

sending very best perfumed wishes


Deborah at Zoe B X

@perfumerzb on Instagram


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