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Perfume is Art

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" (Pablo Picasso)

I attribute this motivational quote to art and creativity in its broadest sense. Only last night I was cutting out magazine pictures and covering a shoe box to send birthday gifts to my lovely daughter, and today I have been sketching some new scents with essential oils.

Creating a perfume is, for me, an art form. It allows me to take an inspiration into a scent-scape, create a palette and sketch a perfume.

Zoe Brown's 3rd Birthday!

Three years ago last week, I launched Zoe Brown Perfume, and my first artisan scent, Mandarin, Grapefruit & Amber. The inspiration for this perfume came from the low Autumn sunlight, and its glaze across the Chiltern landscape.

Precisely one year ago today, my second perfume - Annaliese - was launched in Wales. This perfume was radiantly inspired by precious memories of a dear friend and her love of nature and the countryside, fresh cut flowers after rainfall, and the sea breeze.

Coming very soon is my third unisex cologne! This has has been inspired by the Orange Tree, its pretty white flowers, and that unique sound and smell of waves lapping, before breaking into the shoreline.

Christmas e.Gift Vouchers

If you would like to have a go at turning your own inspiration into a perfume or aftershave, I have created a 1/2 day blending workshop for you!

Here, I shall take you through a few tricks of a perfumer's trade, starting with some nose training, whereupon you will select your scent palette and start to design your own unique fragrance. You shall leave with a 50ml bottle of carefully blended perfume or aftershave, which is your own creation! .

Within the current restrictions, and adhering to safety precautions and protocols relating to COVID 19, I run these workshop for either two or three people from the same group, at a time. It is an exclusive workshop, organised in a large and well ventilated space, in my home in Latimer, Buckinghamshire, photographed below.

Costing £65 a head, for every gift voucher bought before 14th December, I shall donate £10 a head to William's Fund charity, to support its research into improved diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers.

This is a thoughtful and original gift experience, suitable for men and women. If, like me, you are thinking about supporting small, local businesses this year, please drop me an email, I may be able to help you. Thank you for reading on!


Deborah x

@perfumerzb - Instagram


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