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One Important Gift Sorted

"Good manners and good cologne is what transforms a man into a gentleman"

Oh how I love a sweeping generalisation, but I did rather like its suggestion! Infact, when I read this, it conjured up a scent-scape with a woody base of earthy Vetiver and Sandalwood, chased with a drift of Tuberose and Neroli, and something citrus in the top. Its intriguing, how just a few words can evoke a sense of a smell, simply by triggering our imagination, or olfactory memory.

I have been busy developing my next perfume, and running Zoe Brown Blend Off Perfumery Workshops. It is so interesting to watch how each person's unique ideas form. How often has someone arrived with a set idea, only to leave with something quite different in a bottle, due to having experimented with a wide range of materials.

Aftershave Workshop Gift Card - £65

With thanks to Stephanie, I am tonight announcing to customers and readers of e.notes the opportunity to buy Gift Cards for the gentlemen in your life! The Gift Card will entitle one person to attend a 1/2 day Aftershave Workshop, which will take place for just two people at a time, in my home in Buckinghamshire, in a large and well ventilated space.

Here, we shall think about the classic citrus scents, some marine notes and herbaceous scents, whilst not forgetting the deep and long lasting earthy, woody and musky bases, and lighter arrival notes. No perfume material is off the table when creating an aftershave.

If you are looking for something unusual to give to the man in your life as a gift this Christmas, please get in touch, and I will send you an card costing £65 for you to wrap up and hang on your tree.

With a further lockdown now taking place, all my workshops will be booked in from January 2021 onwards, or when we are allowed to mix safely again! The gift voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, with further flexibility as required, acknowledging any ongoing COVID 19 restrictions.

Allow me to help you to get an important gift off your list, thank you.


Deborah x

@perfumerzb - Instagram


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