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I was intrigued to read that one of Winston Churchill's favourite aftershaves...

... was by historical London based perfumer, Floris No 127. This scent was originally launched as a unisex scent and was later marketed for men.

I took a break from my current perfume project on Friday, and the heady scent of oranges and white flowers. I wanted to meet a girlfriend while I could, after all, we may not be able to do this soon owing to safety precautions relating to the Corona-virus.

Before heading into a coffee shop we visited the local florist to drink in that intoxicating green and cool aroma of fresh flowers. I am drawn to the back, where the floral alchemy takes place by the floral artists in finger-less gloves!

Not unlike a luxury chocolate shop there was so much choice, all of it tempting, but I knew I would be leaving with some elegant and perfumed freesias, for myself!

Freesias are one of my favourite flowers, and I buy them regularly. I like to separate them into single colours and, just a few elegant and under-stated stems of these narrowly funnel-shaped flowers, will leave their scented calling card in any room, making them hard to ignore. I've often heard it said "some of the best things come in small packages". For me, this slightly corny old saying applies to Freesias, as they effortlessly pack an alluringly perfumed punch!

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I have been thinking about what flowers I shall give to my lovely Mum, whether a smaller scented bundle or something more imposing to the eye, possibly less so to the nose. It goes without saying they will be accompanied by something in a Zoe Brown Perfume bottle!

If I am given flowers for Mother's Day, I will be thrilled, particularly if they include Freesias!

I take my time separating each stem, and arranging them in a number of different sized glasses, and then I like to add a few snips of herbs from my garden, to bring in some extra scented notes. I treat flowers like accessories, a few accents popped here and there. What a joy they are!

I haven't yet worked with Freesia oil in perfumery, but I shall do some experimenting with it. It is described as "sweet, floral and pretty" and is used in the heart note. It can be found in several perfumes including two I particularly like: J'Adore by Christian Dior, and English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone.

Perfume for Mother's Day, be it in a bottle or a floral bundle!

Contact me if you would like me to send a perfume to someone special.

Take care of yourself and those around you, with perfumed best wishes

Deborah at Zoe B X


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