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I was fascinated to read about an Italian barber, who created one of the original eau de colognes...

While browsing a perfumery book earlier today, I was fascinated to read about an Italian barber, who in 1709 created one of the original eau de colognes. It was called Aqua Mirabilis (miracle water) and it was claimed to cure all ills! The article also shared that Napoleon used 30 gallons every month! Interestingly, over a decade later, in 1862 the same formula was sold to Roger & Gallet, who are still making it today!

I am not making any such claims about my perfumes curing any ills! My design philosophy for Zoe Brown perfume is purely about enjoyment for the wearer, and those close.

During this time of staying at home, I am working on my next unisex perfume which is a zesty, fresh fragrance belonging to the citrus fragrance family. In perfumery terms, these citrus top notes are referred to as hesperidic accords, as they add sparkle and light. The notes are playful and slightly frivolous, particularly when combined with, and tethered by, less volatile materials such as floral and woody notes.

Last week I had planned to attend a perfumery event in Paris, but instead, I was mindfully at home in The Chess Valley, thinking about the Orange Tree's influence in this perfume's profile. The Sweet Orange discreetly leads its fragrance personality, as it dances throughout the top note, sprinkling its fresh, tangy and playful scent into the audience.

I love orange, not only for its scent but for its colour. It makes me feel energised, positive and vibrant. It is claimed that Sweet Orange essential oil can help to improve mood together with clarity of mind.

I haven't decided yet, if this zesty top note oil has earned the role of the Prima Ballerina, for this role may still be given to the Neroli oil, which may be asked to dance for longer throughout the heart of the perfume, and into the final act.

This is where the fun is for me, and I shall be inviting people to be involved in this process once I can get to the post office to send out some samples!

I look forward to sharing more about the feature notes from each accord over the coming weeks.

with perfumed best wishes to you

Deborah at Zoe B X


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