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My Mother still shares Liz T's view, as do I! Another piece of her gold star mother/daughter advice was "when ever you go out, always feel dressed and ready to bump into the person you least want to meet!"

It has been a busy few months at home here in Buckinghamshire, where my focus has been new product development, and perfume evaluation for ZB no 3.

A big thank you to those of you who participated in the evaluation process, by trial wearing the perfume sample, and responding to the questions. This has been an invaluable part of the process.

There has been a general consensus regarding the perfume's scent-scape and purpose, and it has been so interesting to read how uniquely each of you have interpreted the same sensory experience, and the evoking memories and aspirations it triggered. All responses have been closely thought about and play their own part in informing the next phase of the perfume's development.

The general feeling about the perfume is that it opens as a light, green and fresh citrus scent, which dries down into a sweeter white floral heart note before finishing with warm rich notes of Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood.

I have now started to modify aspects of these accords along the following lines:

I am taking the initial strength of the sharp citrus opening down a couple of notches, and tempering the sweetness of Pomelo by trialling a pop of slightly bitter Petitgrain.

I will increase the Neroli in the heart note, thereby giving it a longer and more meaningful voice and, with this, the chance to shine brighter for a bit longer.

To achieve this I will need to temper the Ylang Ylang in the base note, which has been described by quite a few of you as soapy and dominant. I have various modifications running at the moment, including a version with some ISO E Super in the base note, a popular perfume ingredient. Any of you who are familiar with perfume designer Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 may recognise this.

Later in the month I will share my thoughts on names for this perfume, which will be the third in a range of four, and I will be interested to hear yours thoughts.

To close, I have received several requests to create a new product in the form of a nice to use anti viral hand sanitiser which doesn't dry your hands. Now the lock down is all but over, and we tentatively start to venture back out again, our need for a nice hand sanitiser will, for us all, become part of our regular routine.

I have started to create a perfumer's alcohol based, easy glide on liquid atomiser product which smells light and fresh on application, and fades fast. It will be a unisex anti viral & bacterial hand cologne. Ultimately this product will be promoted on my Instagram account @perfumerzb, do please follow me, thank you.

sending very best perfumed wishes


Deborah at Zoe B X


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