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How intrigued I was to read that research has shown that a baby's sense of smell is fully developed

I am often asked why, and how I became involved in perfume, after such a fragrantly unrelated career! ZB's Perfume Notes is my journal, from which I shall be sharing the odd spritz and snippet, including how my perfume range is developing.

I love perfume and for me, along with music, it is the nearest thing to time travel! Specific perfumes transport me back to certain chapters in my life, including early childhood sitting at my Mother's dressing table and holding her perfume bottles up to the light, drinking in the colours. If I smell these heady aromas today, they trigger happy childhood memories and emotions.

Several decades later, with a river of life's water having flowed at different speeds, I created the light around me, in which I would start to delve into perfume history. I started to learn how our sense of smell works, and the psychology behind how smells trigger memories.

From my daily scent study I started building a perfumer's tool box, blending notes and creating accords for different fragrance families.

I was hooked, and In 2017 Zoe Brown Perfume was created, with an aspiration to design a range of hand-poured artisan perfumes. I look forward to sharing more with you soon....

with perfumed best wishes Zoe B X


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