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Earl Grey is my favourite tea blend, and I drink it throughout the day

either with a slice of lemon or four drops of milk! Apparently it was developed for Charles Grey who was the British Prime Minister in 1830s. The tea is meant to keep you calm but that is not the reason Bergamot, the flavour in Earl Grey tea, is one of my favourite perfume blends. (photo credit Deborah Tukua)

My friend Annaliese loved Earl and Lady Grey loose leaf tea. We enjoyed many cups together over the course of our 25 year friendship, and the tea was always poured from something else we both loved - an elegant bone china tea pot! When I designed an Eau de Parfum last year called Annaliese, in her memory, I chose Bergamot for the top note accord.

This Eau de Parfum was inspired by a scent story in memory of Annaliese and her love of Wales, its beaches and countryside, a sea breeze and the verdant floral scent after rain-fall, together with freshly cut flowers.

The perfume opens with a clean shout of Bergamot, followed by the gentle whispers of fresh, white floral and cucumber in the heart notes, before it dries down to a warm and powdery floral scent of Ylang Ylang and Tonka Bean in the base.

This scent was created, as a labour of love, in recognition of a fun and capable woman with warmth, inner strength and understated style.

My synaesthesic visual interpretation for this scent was to convey a gentle floral aroma, with light and space together with a warm base, to represent the soft, clean whites and greens of nature. One part of my own sensory process is to paint the colour palette that I hold in my head throughout the scent design process. This helps me to stay close to the brief.

This 25ml product has been designed, poured, filtered and packed by me in the Chess Valley, and is for sale at £50 a bottle including UK postage.

In recognition of the hardship being faced by so many in our country, 30% of every bottle sold will be donated to the National Emergencies Charity, Corona Virus Appeal.

Please email me if you would like to order a bottle, or a sample size to I will be dealing with each enquiry personally, due to various parts of my supply chain sometimes operating at different speeds. Payment will be taken at the point when the perfume is ready to be dispatched, which is currently within 2-3 days.

I look forward to sharing more about my current perfumery projects with you next week, thank you.

very best wishes

Deborah at Zoe B X


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