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Don't bin your bottles refills are available!

Regardless of how many people I am allowed to mix with - either inside or outside - with or without a face covering on, and in which part of the country, I will, for the foreseeable future, be reliant upon a high quality liquid hand sanitiser. Furthermore, one that I can enjoy using!

Since launching two weeks ago, this small batch, hand made and approved product has been selling well, and here is some feedback!

"it is fabulous"

"fabulous product, I'll be taking it with me to my appointments"

"I love it, it smells divine"

"the best, I took mine round Bath with me today to avoid the public ones in shops"

"feels lovely to use and it hasn't caused my hands to flare up "

"love the product and will be buying the refill, thank you"

"thank you for making such a wonderful product"

"a Godsend in these hard times, smells amazing"


Email me at

this product is not going up on my website yet, as priority is given to you, as an e.note reader.

£7 a bottle (40 ml) plus postage £3.70 UK only

£18 for three bottles plus postage £3.70

£10 for a 100 ml refill tube with funnel, plus postage £3.70

To recap, it is a quick drying and non sticky liquid, with a clean and lightly herbaceous scent, resulting from the Petitgrain essential oil, and ISO E Super. The base is quality blended with Perfumer's Alcohol, and Coco Caprylate, a luxury plant based derivative, giving the liquid texture a slight glide over the hands, to leave your hands feeling fresh, clean and cared for.

The product is antibacterial and antiviral, certified and listed for its 62% alcohol base.

best wishes


Zoe B X


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