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Safety isn't expensive, it is priceless!

I'm writing a quick update, in response to enquiries asking when my new hand sanitising cologne will be ready. The first 100 bottles have now been formulated and filled, and I am currently waiting for the labels to arrive.

The original formulation included Grapefruit essential oil, but this particular oil wasn't passed by the safety assessor, due to the purpose of the product being for regular, all over hand use.

Instead, and with some helpful customer consultation, I have used Petitgrain essential oil, together with ISO E Super. Petitgrain is one of my favourite fresh and clean smelling essential oils, and it is distilled from the unripe citrus fruit, leaves and twigs from the Orange Tree. It has a herbaceous voice, and is admired for its fresh aroma, which is slightly citrus and woody. As such, it is often found blended with other notes in men's aftershave, although it is not exclusively a male aroma! (As an aside, I am using a nip of Petitgrain in the top note of perfume No 3, to tame and ground the more frisky citrus notes!)

Happily, the revised hand sanitising cologne formulation has been passed by the cosmetic safety assessor. .

Importantly, the product is both antiviral and antibacterial with a 62% alcohol base. In the formulation I have used the highest quality cosmetic ingredients as follows:

Perfumer's alcohol, Coco Caprylate (a luxurious plant based derivative to give a subtle moisturising effect on the hands) with the discreet scent of Petitgrain essential oil, and ISO E Super.

With the detailed 24 page safety report now filed away, I remain optimistic that the product will be ready for sale w/c Monday 24th August.

Getting a new perfume product, whether a hand cologne or a perfume, across the line and through the complicated, and essential, compliance process, is a very satisfying milestone. I have to thank those of you who asked me to develop a "nice to use" liquid hand sanitiser which is antiviral. It is now done!

40ml fine spray, refillable plastic pocket bottle

£7 a bottle

£18 for 3 bottles

Finally, and ever conscious of the need for reusable bottles, your empty bottle/s can be sent or delivered back to me for refilling, helping each of us do our bit to reduce plastic use, while staying safe.

Please drop me a line if you want to reserve your bottles, thank you.


Please contact me if you would like to book a Blend Off workshop which will be run for 2 people at a time, or you can purchase a gift voucher experience. The workshops will be continuing throughout 2021 within a safe, open plan and ventilated space, and in full compliance of safety standards and social distancing.

best perfumed wishes


Zoe B X


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