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Labelled up and landing!

Have you noticed how quickly the temperature and resulting scent in the air has changed? This time two weeks ago, I was keeping my sun cream and lipsticks in the fridge!

The early morning dew, and the slight chill in the air, coupled with the scent from the unripened tomatoes, is evoking that distinct memory of the imminent start of a new school year.

How symbolic and hard wired our olfactory senses are, for my daughters are past school age now! However, at this time of year, I feel a tiny pang of nostalgia for that last minute school shoe shopping trip, and the decision making around the new school bags and pencil cases!

Happy days indeed, reminding me to treasure precious memories, whilst positively harnessing the new freedom this time in my own life brings.

I have been very busy during the past few months here at Zoe Brown Perfume developing new products. I am delighted to tell you that the antibacterial and antiviral Hand Sanitising Cologne is finished and labelled up, and the first batch is nearly sold out. I shall be making more on Monday.

You have been buying it for yourselves, and for your children, in readiness to take back to school and university. You have also been buying it to keep on your desk at work, in the car and in your bag. It is a unisex product, which is suitable for us all.

As with all my perfumes, I have developed and carefully formulated this product myself, with the aim of meeting the highest standard of quality that my customers expect. I deliberately set out to design a liquid based product (rather than a gel) and one that feels kind to the hands on application, thereby encouraging its use, and our families to stay safe.

The liquid is quick drying, and doesn't leave hands feeling sticky, or dried out. It has a clean and lightly herbaceous scent, as a result of the Petitgrain essential oil, and ISO E Super, chosen for the fresh combination. The other high grade perfumery components in the formulation are blended Perfumer's Alcohol, and Coco Caprylate at 2%, which is a luxury plant based derivative, giving the liquid texture a slight glide over the hands.

You and your family can use this product with confidence, and in the knowledge that it has been approved and safety assessed by the cosmetic regulator, as both antibacterial and antiviral. The product is certified and listed for its 62% alcohol base.



40ml fine spray, refillable plastic pocket bottle

(As photographed above)

£7 a bottle

£18 for 3 bottles

Finally, and ever conscious of the need for reusable bottles, your empty bottle/s can be sent or delivered back to me for refilling, helping each of us to do our bit to reduce plastic use, while staying safe.

Additionally I am organising larger refills of this product for those of you who have already bought several. I will write again over the coming days, letting you know how much a refill of 100ml and 500ml costs. The refill bottles will come with a funnel, and disposable gloves,allowing you to refill your family's bottles as and when needed.


The Blend Off Workshop was successfully launched last week, as a tremendous success, and I shall write more on this next week.

Please contact me if you would like to book a Blend Off workshop, for two people at a time. Gift vouchers can be bought from me, as these workshops will be continuing throughout 2021 within a safe, open plan and ventilated space, and in full compliance of safety standards and social distancing.

best perfumed wishes


Zoe B X


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