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Burn Baby Burn!

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and happiness never decreases by being shared - Gautama Buddha

The first burn of your new candle is very important, and burning the wax to the edge, on the initial burn, can help avoid creating a tunnel.

Two years ago I developed some lovely new candle products, with the help of Daniel, a highly experienced candle maker in London. These beautiful candles were created in two scents and sizes, and presented in elegant ivory white ceramic containers.

Unlike my perfume, which I hand pour myself here in Buckinghamshire, the candles require a different skill. A keen understanding of molecular burn, materials and scent throw is needed to ensure the candle has a good burn.

In anticipation of a lockdown, we are going to make one batch of candles between now and Christmas, and I will be selling them exclusively to my private customers, and readers of e.notes.

Jasmine Patchouli & Oakmoss - is fragrantly layered with a fresh fruity top note, carefully balanced with Jasmine and supported by Patchouli and Oakmoss

Orange Blossom & Dark Wood - is fragrantly layered with Orange Blossom and Apple, carefully balanced with warm tones of Pepper and supported by a subtle hint of Vanilla and Dark Wood.

The candles are made from 100% soy wax and cotton wicks, which are naturally bio-degradable and allow them to burn longer and cleaner.

Price to readers of e.notes

single wick 300 ml soy candle £27 (RRP £35)

two for £50

triple wick 500ml soy candle £37 (RRP £55)

two for £70

Plus postage

These candles haven't yet been poured, but I have started taking pre-orders, so please email if you would like to reserve some either for yourself or for presents.

ZB Hand Sanitising Cologne

This new product is a quick drying and non sticky liquid, with a clean and lightly herbaceous scent, resulting from the Petitgrain essential oil, and ISO E Super. The base is quality blended with Perfumer's Alcohol, and Coco Caprylate, a luxury plant based derivative, giving the liquid texture a slight glide over the hands, to leave your hands feeling fresh, clean and cared for. The product is antibacterial and antiviral, certified and listed for its 62% alcohol base. Please email if you would like to order.

£7 a bottle (40 ml) plus postage £3.70 UK only

£18 for three bottles plus postage £3.70

£10 for a 100 ml refill tube with funnel, plus postage £3.70

best wishes


Zoe B X


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